We're making it easy for Tax Professionals.

Support your business by automating every aspect of it.

What is Tax-booster ?

It is a solution designed to help you:

Manage your customer relationship

Automate your sales processes

Boost your lead generation effort

Manage your appointments better

Why Choose Us?

Simple and Intuitive Solution

• The entire platform is built around a clean, modern interface that makes it easy to navigate from any device.

• It also includes an intuitive dashboard with customizable widgets that help you keep track of client data without getting lost in rows of numbers and spreadsheets.

Perfect for Beginners

• One of the best things about Tax-Booster is the fact that it doesn’t matter whether you are NEW in the industry and do not know much about an agency or an online management.

• Tax-Booster helps make online Tax Business management easy.

Saves Time and Money

• Just imagine how many number of hours you can cut from your Daily activities because you already have a robust but easy to use CRM, wherein you can already manage your schedule, your SMS, Email, Phone calls in one platform and on the Go through our Tax Booster App.

Automate and Scale your Business

When it comes to taxes and bookkeeping, you have enough on your plate. We understand that, and we've created Tax-Booster to help you get the job done.

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Tax Booster provides you with all the tools necessary to take someone browsing your services to providing you their name, email and phone number!

Get More Leads. Even if your team is not in the same place, our cloud-based platform can help you: - Manage all communications from your Tax-booster CRM


Great customer service support. Very hands on with teaching and making sure you’re able to understand the software. If you’re more a hands on person, this is the company for you.

Chyna Mae

This is an amazing company. The customer service was on point and she took care of my needs. Thanks so much!

Sheba Powell

Amazing teacher and Mentor !! Tax Booster offers so much great information to keep you up to date ..

Chanelle Evans

If your looking for the perfect person to help you understand and really make your tax business next level your in the right spot ! Very professional , Ebony is an amazing mentor and teacher.

Taylor Medina
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Why Choose Us?

Focus On Getting Your Jobs Done

Tax-Booster makes those small tasks easy by automating them—and then providing you with clear visibility into what's going on in your business. You can create a workflow around any task or process, so that nothing slips through the cracks, and everything is accounted for.


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